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In today’s fast-paced and globalised world, businesses need reliable transaction advisory services that will provide them with in-depth analysis and the right information to manage risks and make informed decisions.

  • Transaction Structuring and Accounting

Integrating accounting expertise with practical commercial experience, our team manages the financial and accounting reporting process of companies better.

  • Business Valuations

Business valuations may be required for various purposes such as determining the sale price, litigation, tax, and partner ownership purposes. We work closely with PE (private equity) funds as well as privately held foreign and Indian clients to help them with appropriate valuation methods.

  • Financial, Tax, and Legal Due Diligence

Our team performs an evaluation and in-depth analysis of a company’s financial system to understand its cash flows, maintainable profits, forecasted results, and business trends.

Our Key responsibilities as Transaction Advisory Services provider

Our team of specialists combine technical accounting expertise with practical, commercial deal experience and help clients manage the process of accounting and financial reporting for a transformational event. Kennis provides support across the entire deal cycle from designing deal structures and technical accounting analysis during the diligence phase to post-deal integration and dispute services.

Valuing a business is a general process of determining the monetary value of a whole business. Various reasons may motivate its use including when determining the sale price, establishing partner ownership, litigation and tax purposes. Owners usually turn to professional evaluators for an objective estimate of their business’ worth.
Valuation is a matter of perception and it’s imperative for any business to engage the right advisors to help them evaluate the worth of the Company at any point in time. There are multiple factors to be considered right from the intrinsic value of the business to assets valuation to brand valuation to valuation based on growth aspects of the business and so on. While determining the valuation, one needs to consider available facts about the business, the team, the performance, the Industry and the long term perspective apart from available peer valuation parameters if any. Hence, valuation requires the expertise of professionals who regularly carry out valuations of different businesses for different purposes.

Our team of transaction Advisors works closely with Private Equity (‘PE’) funds, Buyers, Sellers, and as well privately held Indian and foreign clients ranging from start-up entrepreneurs to multinational corporations helping them evaluate different businesses from time to time using appropriate methods as may be applicable in each case based on the requirements.

Our team for Transaction Advisors conducts in-depth analysis and evaluation of the company’s financial management system, which includes a thorough examination of the company’s internal control system, financial statements, and document flow. The review also comprises management reporting data, which includes information on the company’s assets and liabilities, expense structure, and earnings from primary activities, among other things, as well as an assessment of all legal risks associated with the M&A process.

Kennis team is involved in the assessment of the driving factors of the cash flow and maintainable profits for the company, the procedure includes investigating the historical data and the future forecasted result of the entity. This process reveals the hidden liabilities if any and help the businesses/buyers to get an understanding of the business trend of the target company.

Kennis delivers end-to-end solutions to its clients on ongoing transactions, from the planning stage to the successful closing of the deal, as part of its transaction advisory services to businesses.

We assist our clientele in developing acquisition strategies, conducting thorough due diligence, structuring domestic and cross-border tax concerns, locating prospective targets, negotiating a fair price, and closing and post-closing integration. 

We assist clients in pulling off the most favourable valuation, developing appropriate negotiation strategies, conducting detailed seller diligence and minimizing tax implications.

India has immense entrepreneurial potential that continues to remain underleveraged. While finance is one element to build a dynamic biosphere of entrepreneurship, the Covid crisis has brought unprecedented urgency to reach and support businesses and create a comprehensive, integrated policy to promote skill development and liquidity. Hence the importance of strategic alliances has gained importance to mitigate various risks attached to small businesses. 

Strategic alliances are partnerships between two organizations by way of a partial or full acquisition through the exchange of equity between the two. Why this is required:

  1. It is critical to the success of a core business goal or objective
  2. It is critical to the development or maintenance of a core competency or other source of competitive advantage
  3. Blocks a competitive threat
  4. Creates or maintains strategic choices for the firm
  5. It mitigates a significant risk to the business

Our transaction advising expertise assist businesses to identify a Joint Venture Partner, negotiating the JV, structuring the transaction, drafting and negotiating the JV agreement, and obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals for deal close.

Our core competency as a transaction advisory on joint ventures for a business includes the following activities.

  • Identifying  Partner for joint Venture 
  • Negotiating  with the prospective Joint Venture Partners
  • Structuring foreign investor interest in the JV 
  • Drafting and negotiating  the JV agreement
  • Obtaining Getting regulatory permissions for Joint Venture
  • Closing of the deal along with Setting up of the Joint Venture entity
  • Assistance with all compliances relating to Foreign Exchange Regulations, Company. Law, and tax regulations, in order to successfully close all relevant set up related compliances.

Why Choose Kennis for Transaction Advisory Services?

When it comes to making choices on transactions, it is recommended to make decisions based on critical thinking and proper analysis. Such detailed analysis and problem-solving skills can turn any deal into success. We assist our clients in handling all the tasks associated with transactions from the start to the end and thus act as a business’s support system to meet their requirements for expansion. 

Every decision is a small step towards accomplishing more significant goals and requires diligent planning. A business has to overcome a new set of challenges every day and strive towards success by defeating these challenges. In such a situation where a business is prone to a new set of hurdles and risks, it is recommended to seek help in minimizing the risks by availing the finance experts’ services. 

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