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Acquisition of businesses involves taking over the majority of the shares of a company by another company. Acquisitions, mergers, separations, and divestitures usually involve complex strategy development and layers of documentation. Outsourcing this tedious task to a professional can lead to a game-changing and transformative acquisition.

  • Identifying the Target

Advisory firms are unparalleled when it comes to identifying opportunities and pitfalls. From estimating the overall business growth and value from the acquisition to monitoring the success of an acquisition and assessing its valuation, advisory firms do it all.

  • Identification of Proper Buyers

Our extensive network of commercial relationships and contacts will help you discover an ideal buyer for your specific objectives.


Many a time, the business owner, while having resources, does not have right acquisition opportunities in hand. At the same time, it is generally difficult to identify which business to acquire and how such acquisition will help the acquirer grow overall business and create much better value for its stakeholders. The Acquisition Advisors help the business owner not only identifying right target Companies but also defining synergies if acquired and merged.
There are several ways to find the right firm for a merger or acquisition before you approach the owners. Before every step, you take you need to calculate and assess the feasibility of that step. That is why it is recommended to use the expert services of an advisor since they are unparalleled in their effectiveness to identify pitfalls and opportunities. Apart from that, an advisory firm can help you set targets to achieve that shall enable you to monitor the success of an acquisition, and check its valuation.

Negotiation is the process of strategic dialogue that aims to resolve an issue in a way that is agreeable to both parties. When an acquisition advisor negotiates, a variety of significant commercial, legal, tax, intellectual property, employment, and liability problems must be addressed and resolved. Such agreements are frequently intensively negotiated, and a poorly negotiated transaction can expose the either side and its shareholders to considerable risks, including the certainty of closing the acquisition and the buyer’s potential post-close indemnification responsibilities.

Every phase of the procedure must be carried out with precision. An acquisition advisor goes through all the company assets and liabilities, current business, future potential etc. to make sure that they get the best benefits from the whole agreement. Every investment is investigated thoroughly and every move is calculated; it is not only beneficial for the company but also for the firm being acquired to have proper clarity and documentation in every aspect of their business

Acquiring a business is a huge deal; naturally, there are a few advantages and risks involved with it. The benefits of an acquisition can be observed through activities that ensure more exposure to new and foreign markets, swift expansion in its market share, and so on. Even though competition can be fierce, growth through acquisition can help you achieve a competitive advantage in the industry, enabling better access to new and renowned resources, such as expert specialists among financial, legal, and human resource talent pool, and improved access to capital is improved. However, there are also certain downfalls, such as an organizational culture clash, conflicting objectives, and so on. Reliable and effective advisory services can help you take better decisions and avoid the majority of the downfalls that are incident to an acquisition.

Merging with a new firm has its ups and downs; to get the maximum benefits you have to invest in building an informed strategy. A thorough SWOT analysis of the acquiring firm is can help out in a major way to assess its growth potential, a uniform organized working structure at the latter firm can positively influence future decision-making power, and a deep dive into the analysis of resources can paint a near-accurate picture of the scope of opportunities available to enhance profitability. With a lot of businesses coming in and increasing assets and liabilities, proper segregation is the need of the hour. An acquisition advisor can intervene to help you evaluate the business in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Advisory firms that specialize in mergers and acquisitions often have a vast network of contacts and commercial relationships that can help them discover a suitable buyer for your goals. They want to identify genuine buyers for businesses that would be otherwise tough to acquire. The personnel at the Advisory Firm, as a professional organization, are reliable to find a genuine buyer for the company.

Why Kennis ?

Kennis equips you with the best service across the spectrum of business and finance, right from mergers and acquisitions to growth advisory and more. Kennis is your one-stop solution to all financial and strategic issues faced while building and scaling a business.
Every day brings new challenges and obstacles, and our professional expertise can help overcome all of them to achieve unimaginable success. Being one of the leaders in the sector, we take pride in ensuring that our services are better and more effective than all the other players in the field. We assist our clients end-to-end in addressing all transaction-related chores, being their business’s assistance to fulfil their growing needs.
It’s effective and convenient to delegate the stress and complexity of an M&A transaction to the competence of an M&A firm. At Kennis, you can entrust these responsibilities to our expert team and relieve yourself of unwarranted concerns about these complicated transactions. An experienced M&A firm will always strive to obtain for you the finest deal possible within the shortest amount of time.

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