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A business strategy can make or break your company’s success. Most financial institutions and investors need a comprehensive business plan that outlines your vision and financial modelling. We will formulate a robust business strategy and define measures that align with your objectives. At Kennis, we will empower you with a realistic and thorough financial model that will allow you to assess the risk involved with certain decisions. Moreover, as an effective advisory firm, we will benchmark your current governance structure against industry practices, assist in creating board policies, and perform board evaluations to ensure better risk management and business growth.

  • Management Advisory Services

As an advisory firm, we will assess the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of a company to improve its operations, reallocate resources, and manage business better.

Need & Requirement for Business Advisory Services for businesses

As mentioned above, a business advisor works and takes action to do what’s best for its client’s service. Every action taken, every move made, is done with the sole intention to improve profitability now or in the near future. To be precise, there are a few things that need to be sorted while maneuvering through business growth and transformation. As a result, depending on where you are in your business’s lifecycle, we provide varying levels of assistance and services.

A robust business strategy is essential to a company’s success. It is critical to arrange your thoughts and be able to communicate how you intend to operate your firm in order to be regarded seriously by potential business partners. A detailed business plan is required by most investors and other financial institutions not just to get started but also to outline a vision for the company’s success. We will be able to assist you in formulating your business strategy and identifying the measures necessary to achieve your objectives.

Investors and financial institutions generally examine a company’s financial model and underlying assumptions in addition to the business plan. Another important factor to consider when making large company decisions is financial modelling. Financial models are useful tools for assessing and implementing company decisions in order to achieve better results. A comprehensive and realistic financial model can help you determine the level of risk involved in making certain decisions. They can also be used to create an effective and accurate financial statement that accurately displays the company’s finances and operations.

Boards of directors and individual directors play a vital role in their organization’s governance, risk management, and strategic oversight. With the market and business growth, the advisors and the board of directors must be able to address the difficulties and find opportunities in order to assure the firm’s long-term growth and performance. Benchmarking your existing governance framework against industry practices, providing guidance in developing board policies and processes that establish a robust governance framework of strategy formulation, monitoring, and risk management; and performing board evaluations to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses, board meeting effectiveness, and board composition are all examples of what an effective business advisor can do.

Different Types of Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services help companies in identifying their growth potential and overcoming obstacles in specific areas. Business objectives shift depending on a variety of circumstances such as the economy, the size of the company, and its history. Here are a few of the types of services that a business advisory provides to all its businesses:

A good business advisor can assist and support a business in improving its plans and operations, as well as managing major business events. He or she will investigate a company’s strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities and provide advice on how to effectively manage them. He or she will also consider whether resources should be reallocated in order to achieve better results.
A business advisor provides the highest degree of decision-making in a company’s strategic management. They can assist a company in achieving its long-term goals by pointing them in the right direction. They can help with resource allocation for entering a new market, as well as for deciding whether to drop particular divisions or businesses or stick with the current portfolio.
A company’s operating processes are crucial. Process management, procurement, outsourcing, and supply chain management are all included. In this sense, a business advisor can assist in making substantial changes to a business’s operational process in emergency situations such as economic downturns, management changes, and technological roll-outs, as well as aid to optimize operational processes. They can help you decrease expenses, improve efficiency, and improve quality, among other things.
A business advisor assists in the development of a business’s overall financial plan. They offer financial advice on how to decrease tax bills in a fair and legal manner, how to increase cash flow in a business, when and where to invest for the best return with the least amount of risk, and so on. A good financial advisor can significantly boost an investor’s return.
A company’s growth is dependent on its employees, and it is therefore critical to manage them properly and efficiently. Employee happiness and effectiveness can be improved with the help of HR advisors. The Business Advisors advice on how to better implement HR policies and procedures, as well as if these policies are in compliance with national norms and regulations, whether to hold training sessions for HR programs and so on. These consultants can provide the company with a better remedy because they are more knowledgeable in many other disciplines such as accounting, marketing, finance, IT, labour regulations, and so on.

Why Kennis ?

We design strategies and structure different business strategies for our clients in light of domestic and international scenarios and assist the client execute the same with the desired expertise and passion so as to create maximum value for the client in the long term. We are here to help all businesses and make a difference in advisory & support services. We consider ourselves to be a business partner to each of our clients.

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