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Our expert advisors help businesses with moving forward in a realistic visionary manner. Be it a validation of an idea, business ideation, expanding across channels or geographies, launching a product or service, expanding product segment or lines, cutting costs, or boosting profitability, our team will assist you with all.

  • At Kennis, we employ data-rich analyses such as market sizing, competitive analysis, and customer perspectives to curate successful, actionable corporate growth and BU strategies.
  • We define the purpose and integrate it into the core of company strategies to generate long-term, profitable growth.
  • We help clients optimize their portfolios and identify opportunities for potential divestitures.
  • At Kennis, our experts will also help you with expanding into new geographies, channels, customer segments, and new product categories.
  • Digital transformation in business is becoming increasingly important. Navigating changes is important to stay prominent in a digital world.
  • Kennis advisory professionals will enable you to reach your target customers and attain a competitive advantage in the market with our detailed go-to-market strategy. We will also assist you in evaluating the attractiveness of your target company by assessing its IT and operational infrastructures.
  • We leverage data-driven analytics and econometric analysis to support the commercial diligence of our clients (both buy-side and sell-side).
  • We also help CEOs prioritize investments, set performance targets, and mitigate risks with our data-driven strategies and full potential paradigm.

Our corporate and growth strategy capabilities include

Kennis’ growth advisory professionals utilize data-rich analyses such as competitive analysis and economic forecasting, market sizing, and customer perspectives into actionable and successful growth strategies in today’s ever-changing and increasingly challenging landscape.

help clients define their purpose and translate it into action—by putting it at the very core of their strategy— in order to generate sustained, profitable growth and long-term value.

Our Growth advisory services help you achieve a way in which we provide disruptive competitive advantages that are essential to survive in the ever-changing and developing market.

Under this we help clients understand the role and potential of different business units and advise them on how to optimize their portfolios, including identifying opportunities for acquisitions and potential divestitures.

Under this our Growth Advisory services help clients explore new market opportunities such as the expansion into new geographies, the identification of new channels, the targeting of new customer segments, or even the creation of new product categories. The next step that our employees take will be finding what gaps clients need to fill in order to gain the maximum market opportunity and evaluating the most efficient ways to fill those gaps.

Entering the digital age is a lot more than just a website or a marketing channel. Well in simpler terms, it’s the backbone of a business and affects the entire operation. In today’s advanced world, change happens constantly: changing with customer needs, evolving technologies, disrupted value chain, and fluctuating markets. Kennis’ growth advisory services help clients navigate these changes and help them create a business strategy for a digital world.

Kennis’ growth advisory professionals assist clients in developing a detailed action plan for reaching target customers and achieving a competitive advantage in the market.

Kennis’ growth advisory services critically evaluate a target’s attractiveness through an assessment of their operational and IT infrastructures. Our employees focus on the main problems affecting the overall growth of the business by analyzing stand-alone and stranded costs, examining efficiencies and developing fact-based positions for future-state operating models, determining optimal transition service agreements (TSAs), and helping prepare management for negotiations.

Using data-driven analysis, comprising the possibilities in primary and secondary research, and econometric analysis, Kennis’ growth advisory services support clients’ diligence process by keeping track of the attractiveness of a target’s industry, assessing its competitive position, and opportunities for growth. We also help in understating its current and future potential value for its customer, and providing key input into valuation models.

Kennis professionals assist clients in the exit phase of investment by articulating a portfolio company’s strategic position, future growth opportunities, and full potential long-term value.

Under this we help our client leaders to develop a deep, data-driven construct to help CEOs confidently set performance targets, prioritize investments, and mitigate risk.

Why Kennis for Growth Advisory Services to Businesses

In this entire gamut of arranging strategic alliances, Kennis partners with the businesses as “Partner in Growth: and render its services by providing:

  • A consortium of Industry experts and subject matter experts who have come together with a common objective of helping an Indian business or entrepreneur grow.
  • Experts in the field of Marketing and branding, Sales Management, Change and Crisis Management, Finance, Legal, Business growth and Strategy who have deep experience in their respective fields and also a strong network created over years which could benefit a business.
  • Strategy to Entrepreneurs – be it business ideation, validation of an idea, launching a product or services, turning around a business, requiring finance, expanding business across geographies or channels, expanding product lines and segments, increasing profitability, cutting costs, support in distress.

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