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Transaction advisory services can help investors with making informed decisions, manage risks, and ensure strict scrutiny of transactions.

From developing deal structures to technical accounting analysis, post-transaction integration, and dispute management, we assist you with all.

Our valuation experts will consider all the facts of the Business, the industry, the team, the performance, valuation parameters and the long-term perspective to evaluate the value of our client’s investments.

Our experts in Kennis will focus on the current operation liquidity and cash flows of your business. They will also consider the factors that impact your company’s internal control system, expense structure, and financial statements.

We provide end-to-end solutions for the successful completion of your mergers and acquisitions deal.

We will assist our clients with creating infallible strategies, conducting due diligence, locating targets, negotiating, and structuring cross-border and domestic taxes.

We will perform an appropriate negotiation strategy, perform detailed seller diligence, and optimize tax implications.

India has immense entrepreneurial potential that continues to remain underleveraged. While finance is one element to build a dynamic biosphere of entrepreneurship, the Covid crisis has brought unprecedented urgency to reach and support businesses and create a comprehensive, integrated policy to promote skill development and liquidity. Hence the importance of strategic alliances has gained importance to mitigate various risks attached to small businesses. 


Strategic alliances are partnerships between two organizations by way of a partial or full acquisition through the exchange of equity between the two. Why this is required:

  1. It is critical to the success of a core business goal or objective
  2. It is critical to the development or maintenance of a core competency or other source of competitive advantage
  3. Blocks a competitive threat
  4. Creates or maintains strategic choices for the firm
  5. It mitigates a significant risk to the business

We assist clients with partnerships, acquisitions, and joint ventures. We mitigate significant risks and maintain strategic choices for our clients.

Why Choose Kennis for Transaction Advisory Services?

When it comes to making choices on transactions, it is recommended to make decisions based on critical thinking and proper analysis. Such detailed analysis and problem-solving skills can turn any deal into success. We assist our clients in handling all the tasks associated with transactions from the start to the end and thus act as a business’s support system to meet their requirements for expansion.

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